The Story of Autism Watch

    John Bowen Brown II started Arizona Autism Watch based on the failure of the certain autism advocacy organization, namely:
  1. The Defunct Autism Society of Greater Tucson, which  Mr. Brown documented cases of harassment
  2. The Tucson Alliance for Autism, which Mr. Brown documented cases of denigration of autistics, and mold problems
  3. Autism Ambassador Corp who directly libeled Mr. Brown, involving the executive directors of the Autism Society of Southern Arizona and the Autism Society of Greater Phoenix
  4. 14c exemption from the department labor that allows certain companies to pay substandard wages to disabled people
  5. Dr. Temple Grandin insistence on early intervention to the exclusion of intervention throughout the lifespan
    These Five things above are the main reason why Mr. Brown started  Arizona Autism Watch. It will act as a monitoring body for these and related topics

*Arizona Autism Watch is not affiliated with Quackwatch or its sister site Autism Watch


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